Significance of  Arguments in Argumentative Essays - 2022 Guide




Students and essay writer get familiar with argumentative writing in schools where they learn to write all sorts of essays and develop their writing and reasoning skills. Writing argumentative essays in schools is beneficial for students because they learn how to develop and structure their arguments. However, some students don’t fare too well in this area. All they need is practice!


Well don’t let this scare you! Take my word for it. Writing an essay using strong arguments and logic isn't that difficult. Practice is the key! This is very important because without logic and good arguments, an essay is nothing but a piece of writing lacking its core: logic. Why is logic important in argumentative essays?


Well, you cannot write an argumentative essay without making a sound argument. If your paper lacks logic, it will be ineffective in convincing your audience. Your teacher may give your essay a low score because of it.


The statements that lack any value and logic are useless and do not look good professionally. You should avoid all of these things mentioned above if you want to write an assertive essay. Logic helps in demonstrating that the writer has a grip on making arguments and that their arguments do not have loopholes.


The arguments packed with logic are easier to understand but they can be agreed or disagreed with, depending on the reader’s stance.


The first time I wrote an argumentative essay, I thought I had done a decent job but to my surprise, I got a D because I was unaware of how to write an argumentative essay. That really affected my confidence and I began hesitating writing essays. I began to ask my friends to write my essay for me. But, then I realized, I would get nowhere like this. So I began practicing. The D I got made me learn and practice harder and finally, I was able to master this skill.


You can do it too guys, just pay a little attention to what I have written. Not only will you learn the importance of logic in arguments but also, how to use it.


People often include non-emotional statements or statements based on common sense in their essays. Let me tell you one thing, statements that lack emotions or are based on common sense aren’t necessary to be logical arguments.


Logic forms the base of the argument which is why its importance is tenfold. A writer has to test propositions against one another to prove their accuracy. I know it sounds absurd but it is not absurd.


You know writing an essay is a skill that students should learn and an argumentative essay at that. But if you are having trouble understanding, hire an essay writer and ask them for samples to broadly understand the concept.


Okay.. now let me explain how logic works. Logical arguments have three parts: proposition, premise, and conclusion.


Let’s say, if James wins a soccer game, coach Langston will fund his trip to the Maldives. But you see him at school on Monday which means:


Proposition: James didn’t win


Premise: you saw him at the school


 Conclusion: James didn’t go to the Maldives.


That’s how one can reach a conclusion logically and without logic, the argument is flawed. You have to have solid proof to authenticate your argument or statement. It also means that without a premise or proposition, one cannot deduce a conclusion from any argument.


I see you have stayed here that long, keep reading and you will know more about the importance of logic.


You see, in science, you have to prove your statement with solid evidence even when the argument does not have any conclusion or requires further research. Without logic, science research wouldn’t have come this far.


Now, what does that tell you??


It means that you cannot evaluate an argument’s authenticity or credibility without having a proposition or premise. You cannot even conclude.


In critical thinking, it is also mandatory to form an argument that is not based on emotions. Critical thinkers make a judgement unless and until they have examined the claims, reasoning and logic and evidence.


All things mentioned above point to one thing, which is, it is important to make an argument based on logic. If you have trouble understanding this, you may contact an essay writing service to better guide you in this regard. However, you must ask for samples to see how they have formed their opinions based on logic.


It becomes easy when you get a grip over it. I remember when I first got D (embarrassing story mentioned above) I kept on thinking, “How am I going to learn writing essays?” I was heartbroken that this was going to be the end of me but it wasn’t.




Because I practised and my teachers helped me a lot and my parents too because they could see me struggling with it. I didn’t wanna score another D so, I put my full effort into it, in my spare time practised harder.


The other thing that helped me get through it was feedback. You cannot learn on your own without getting detailed feedback, you have to see where you went wrong.


I asked my teachers to proofread my essays and provide feedback so I could work on the mistakes I was making. I used emotions to make my arguments when I knew logic is what gives a sound base to any argument.


So, you need to learn and practice because as they say, “practice makes a man perfect” so, keep practising until you know that you are getting better at it. That’s the only way you can learn how to make an argument using logic.




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